CEED (seed) is Community Engagement and Education Development. Karen's diverse healing modalities and Indigenous Cultural Workshops brings people back to the land. Karen shares her art, culture and Aboriginal Spirituality for others to experience and learn about Aboriginal teachings and the Dreaming.

Karen offers life enriching services such as healing ceremonies, readings, Aboriginal energy healings, meditation & cultural and healing art workshops. Her tools offer a process for self-understanding, self-expression and self-healing. Her engagement has lead others feel an amazing sense of peace and calm and a clearer vision.

Karen's vision in the near future is to offer cultural camping retreats on her great grandfather's Country, north of Hope Vale, Queensland.






About CEED

About Karen


Karen is a strong Murri, Bama, Artist, Healer and Medicine Woman. She is a Badjala, Darrba and Djiribal Woman. Her cultural lineage to Cairns spans four generations through her family connections with Yarrabah, formerly an Aboriginal Mission.

Karen has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Healing Arts. She has a twenty year career in Indigenous education that includes her role as an Associate Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology, Perth and currently as co-developer and co-facilitator of the Cultural Identity and Relationship Building & Indigenous Leadership Workshops for youth at Saint Monica's College, Cairns.

Karen is passionate about healing together on Country. A journey of re-birthing and re-awakening our spiritual blueprint (our Wawu - the seed of life-force) through Indigenous knowledge, wisdom & alternative therapies to help heal the mind, body and spirit. Karen's commitment to her Ancestors, Mother Earth, Humanity, and to keeping the Dreaming alive is what continues to keep her strong.

"The process of making art has helped me to understand my culture, identity and Aboriginal Spirituality. It has helped me to understand me. It has helped me to feel Whole and to find my Sense of Place and Belonging. And from it has come Healing" - Karen Reys

Picture: Reys / Sweetland Coates Sisters - Jennifer, Karen, Sue standing tall and proud on Darrba Warra






Gimuy Gallery

33 Lake Street


Mob: 0422 930 402

Email: karen@ceedhealings.com

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