Freedom Flags

Price: $35 per string set 


“Dots that once come from the Earth transform into the stars in the Heavens and form the Constellations for Healing in the Sky for Every One.” – Karen Reys


The Rainbow Song Lines is a new Dreaming. The new lore from the Dreaming teaches us how to survive on the planet. The symbols and signs on the Freedom Flags are a new way that human beings can be at home with their place on earth. A new paradigm for living that will re-establish harmony that is most needed in today’s society, environment and the world.

Working with the energy and vibration of our Ancestors to create harmony, balance, and unity in the Universe, the new lore’s are a new beginning of true Freedom and Peace that connects us back to the core of our Selves, our Earth and our Aboriginal Dreaming.


The Seven principles of Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Hope, Vision and Medicine become intonations in our own SELF healing.

Healing Arts Workshop

Price: $55 two hours  


Learn how to find your own peace and serenity through the gentle healing process with professional and experience practitioners.

ainbow Song Line Workshop

Price: $85 three hours  

The Songs Lines Workshop will acknowledge our individual voices in humanity and will work towards the solution that is to heal the land, people and environment. You will sit with local Aboriginal Medicine Woman to yarn about Energy, Aboriginal Art, Song Lines and Healing Circles. You will experience a smoking ceremony, guided meditation and explore art and cultural activities.

Click Facebook link below to see event and express your interest.


Healing Ceremony 

Included in all treatments 

The ceremony is an ancient custom that involves the smoking of native plants to pay respect and then to bless and neutralise the body and environment making way for new beginnings. You will have an opportunity to set your own intention for healing for yourself or someone else and experience the smells of the eucalyptus as you begin to relax in the space.


Price: $10 per group session / one-on-sessions available / 

Mindful Meditation can renew us, bring us peace and make us feel whole again. Learn about and experience the quiet still awareness and deep listening as you travel to your Gurrubi, the place where your soul sits, to find your own answers. Classes are held weekly at CEED and the Dragonfly Zen in Cairns. The session includes bush tea, smoking ceremony and a 45 minute guided meditation.


Price $35 per half hour 

The readings can open a yarn or conversation to the conscious awareness of one’s own belief, values and behaviours. It can help activate a process of inner deep listening that can lead to a trust in one’s own self and spirit.

Aboriginal Energy Healing

Price: $35 or $70 per hour 

Aboriginal energy healing can help you to relax the body, mind and spirit. The hands on intuitive treatment will call upon the ancestral spirits of Country asking for their guidance and protection. You will have the opportunity to set your own intention for healing and receive messages that can lead to inner peace and harmony.

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